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Bo Peep Farm, Oxfordshire

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

We travelled to Oxfordshire for this one – to a gorgeous family-run, and very intimate location at Bo Peep Farm (even the name makes our eyes sparkle!). It’s got a beautiful Grade II Listed barn, and a giant tepee, surrounded by the spectacular countryside lying on the edge of the Cotswolds in rural Oxfordshire. Meeting Hayley and Ramin was an absolute joy – and every aspect of their wedding was influenced by their wonderful personalities and styles, from the classical décor to the display of cars – Ramin is a car dealer, so the Mercedes and Audi RS4 he had displayed in the drive had us all ooh-ing and arr-ing with pure admiration! The couple had opted for a traditional Bahá’í ceremony, simple by its very nature – and also very personal, with no traditional ‘minister’ responsible for the blessing. It was something totally unique for us, and so lovely to witness. The tipi setting was just so unique, and gave an almost ‘festival’ vibe to the event – especially with the green fields and countryside surrounding us. The addition of a popcorn stand and chill-out areas truly enhanced that. The film we were able to capture at this wedding was a pleasure, the venue was picturesque, the décor, the guests, and of course the bride and groom, all came together to help us create an amazing piece of film that will be shared and enjoyed for years to come. Music was provided by a superb jazz and pop saxophonist, Elijah Paul, giving the place a really chilled ambience to get the party started. That was a real highlight! The evening was a lively one, with a club DJ playing tunes chosen by the couple and their guests – lots of dancing and fun! Hayley and Ramin’s wedding day was truly magical, and we loved every minute of filming for them. Venue: Bo Peep Farm, Dovecote Events Photographer: Beautiful Light Photography (Emma Smith) Videographer: The Newtons - Film & Photography

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