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About the Newtons

“Words cannot describe how amazing our films are”

We are Jonathan and Jess, a Husband-and-Wife team from Shropshire. We’ve always had a love of photography and videography, and from our own wedding day in 2019, we know how special capturing memories is from both sides of the lens.

The Newtons | Jess & Jonathan

We like to get to know our couples personally, so it’s only fair you know a little bit about us! Here are the highlights:

  • We love working together – good job really, as we’ve been doing this for about 10 years now!

  • Our favourite time of year is Christmas – we have 11 Christmas trees (that’s a lot of decorations!)

  • We’ve travelled to lots of exciting places together, both here in the UK and around the world.

  • Jonny loves to bake, and Jess is an amazing cook.

  • Our family is at the heart of everything we do (and besides, someone’s got to eat that delicious food, right?).

Credit: Pete Johnson

Your wedding is a unique opportunity for you to share the story of your love, and create special memories you and your loved ones will treasure forever.

We’re experts at being ‘invisible’, which allows us to capture every unique detail, letting the story of your wedding day evolve naturally, and capturing the very essence of what’s most important to you.

Because on such a busy day, those small, special moments that can so easily be missed and forgotten, but captured on camera will be remembered forever.

The Newtons | Jess & Jonathan

Credit: Epps Photography


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Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 3FY

Tel: 07595760527


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